RIO is the leader when it comes to expertise dealing with New Mexico's economic development with numerous successful public/private partnerships statewide.


Economic development incentives are complicated and can vary from city to city and within the state. In today’s economy, communities are competing to create jobs and to grow their economies. Communities are establishing economic development organizations and developing plans to give themselves an edge in competitive environment. To successfully navigate these waters and maximize the incentive available you need a "deal tested" team that delivers. RIO Real Estate is that team.


RIO has the expertise, the experience and a track record of success to wade through these incentives to attract new businesses and/or to assist in the expansion of existing businesses. Our knowledge of federal, state and local incentive programs such as; job training, high wage tax credits, industrial revenue bonds, on the job training, local economic development funds etc. is second to none.


The RIO team is comprised of seasoned real estate professionals with over 35 years of experience respectively. The team also includes former city and county officials with government regulatory knowledge and extensive planning, development, and real estate financial experience.


RIO is a well-known, established, real estate and economic development business in New Mexico. We know how to maximize your business opportunities





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Albuquerque Economic Development


Dramatic improvements to New Mexico's business climate have repositioned the state as a place that must be considered when companies are looking for the best location to invest and grow their businesses.

Ranked 9th Mid-sized American City of the Future by fDi (Foreign Direct Investment) magazine, Albuquerque:

  • Has a pipeline of talent including 70,000 college students as part of a workforce that is younger and better educated than the national average

  • Is a low risk location for natural disasters

  • Has a low cost of doing business

  • Has an exceptional support network for entrepreneurs, and

  • Offers the lowest effective tax rate for manufacturers in the Western United States.         

As the Albuquerque Metro area was a recent finalist for Tesla’s Gigafactory, why not see if it should be on your short list? We would love to compete for your project.

Albuquerque Economic Development’s staff works in a confidential manner to support your project. We invite you to contact us today.